• Hatice Ekici Tağa

Obligation to Use Labels on Products Manufactured in Turkey


Regulation on Amending the Price Label Regulation has published on the Official Gazette numbered 30539 and dated 18 September 2018 by the Ministry of Commerce in Turkey. This regulation obliged the use of the shapes, logos and marks which are determined and announced by the Ministry, on the labels of goods manufactured in Turkey. The start date of implementation of new sale price of the goods shall also have to be present on the label.

Further, the numbers and letters on the tarifs and price lists required to be readable, clean, complete, truthful, sufficient-sized, not to be confusingly similar with other numbers, words and signs, and not to contain misleading and deceptive information.

If the labels are not complied with the requirements, pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, the Ministry can issue an administrative fine of TRY 274 for each case which fails to meet the requirements.

These amendments will come into force on 3 October 2018.

Thus, consumer will be able to understand easily whether the product is imported or not, whether it is directly affected by price changes such as exchange rate increase and the date of the product price changes.

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