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Turkish Patent and Trademark Office | What has changed for the revocation of registered trademarks?

As of today, the revocation procedure for registered trademarks in Turkey has changed and the authority to revoke registered trademarks is now vested in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“Office”). Previously, this authority belonged to the Intellectual Property Courts; and the courts used to send their revocation decisions to the Office for execution. With this change, the Office will now be able to directly receive and decide on revocation requests from parties with interest.

In October 2023, the Office invited stakeholders to provide feedback for the "Draft Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Implementation of the Industrial Property Law", which was prepared to establish the procedures and principles for the implementation of this authorisation granted to the Office. However, the draft regulation has not been published on the Turkish Official Gazette yet, meaning that the details of its implementation are yet to be determined.

For details of this new procedure, please see our article here.

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